Motorhome Mobile


I like to operate the HF from my Motorhome when camping here in the pacific northwest. W7YTZ and myself were hams in the "50s" during our high school days. I graduated a year before Dick and then in 1959 we joined the US Army Alaska Communications sytem together. After basic training, school in Ft Monmouth, NJ, I then was assigned to Glennallen, Alaska.

After leaving Army service, I worked for Motorola until my retirement.


Field Day

Here I am (on left) during field day, June 1958. My only mode of transportation was this cushman motor scooter. Thats W7YTZ's heathkit DX100 sitting on the ground and Pat W7YCN on the right with all his gear. How do we transport all this stuff? Well we did it, but I won't share how!