Model Airplane - Page 2


This is an aerial view taken out of a video image. The camera is a Sony Bloggie and the plane is the Eagle II



Here is a picture of the Eagle II with the camera about to be mounted in the cockpit.


Another modification was made to the Eagle II to accomodate the Sony Video Camera.

Eagle Bloggie

My latest edition to the fleet is this F4-U Corsair, with "Retracts"! The motor needs installing.


This is my new shop for airplanes and radio


As of Feb 2011, I am just about finished with this Piper Cherokee by Hanger 9. It has a 62" wingspan and a flying weight of 6.5 Lbs. Construction should be done by March 1, 2011


I have just aquired a Fairchild PT-19 in February 2011. It has a 45" wingspan and weighs 29 Oz. The electric motor is a G-10 920 KV and swings a 10x5 Prop. The PT-19 is made by E_Flight.


This is the PT-19 on it's maiden flight. It is very responsive and in light wind handles prettty well.
On this first flight, I did loops and rolls with astonishing precision. I have also tried a couple
cuban 8's since this flight. It is a good aerobatic plane.

Here is the new Decathalon, 80" Wingspan. It weighs 12 pounds and has a Monster Power 110 Electric Motor. Battery Power is two 5000 MAH 25C, 4 cellLipo's


A nice 3 point landing

Decathalon Landing

This plane is called a "Space Walker" and flies very well.
Space Walker 62" Wingspan, Wt:7lbs, Motor: Monster Power 46/ 670 Kv
Prop :13x8, Battery: Lipo 4 cell/5000 MAH/20C

Space Walker

The Cherokee, Wingspan 62", Wt:6.25 Lbs, Prop: 13x8, Battery: Lipo 4 Cell 5000Ma-25C
Motor is a Monster Power 46, 670 KV


The Cherokee and Me!

The new Corsair is coming along nicely. I have the dummy radial engine almost finished. I had a longer shaft made for the motor to protrude through the radial engine with enough thread for the 3 blade prop. Next I will finish the alignment, put the cowl on, and test run the motor for its first flight.

Corsair Motor