Graham, Washington


NOTE: I have since moved to Graham, Washington. Updated pictures will be posted soon.

W7YTZThe main operating position for W7YTZ. The main rig is an ICOM 756 Pro III, Driving a Heathkit SB220 at 1000 watts. I am using an MFJ 3KW Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner. The other rig is a Kenwood TS2000 which is for satellite work, but acts as a back up HF rig. I also operate 2M and 6M SSB with the Kenwood. Nightly skeds on 2M SSB have been a treat for years with W7YCN and KD7ZPR.


Beam Night
The antenna system is a Cushcraft X-7 Tri_Band beam and is 55 feet up on a Rohn 45 tower. I use the Yaesu G-800S rotator and 1/2" Andrew hardline coax to feed the antenna. The other antennas are two wire dipoles one for 75M and one for 40M. I also have a 6M beaml with about 6db Gain.
Sat AntsThe satllkite antenna system described in more detail on the Satellite page of this site. I use these antennas on SSB for local VHF and UHF contacts, even though they are circular polorized.
Antique StationThe other shack containing an NC300, Johnson Ranger II, and Johnson matchbox. It is fun to get on AM once and awhile to remember the "Good Ol Days". NOTE: This shack is no longer in operation, since I now have the "boat anchor" station in the main radio room. The picture below is set up once per year to talk with Pat, W7YCN using the same gear from my first contact over 60 years ago. This occurs each February 8, at 4:30 PM. The very time of my first on the air contact as a novice.
55 Year Anniversary Thats a Heathkit AT-1 with a 6L6 final amplifier tube that runs about 10 watts output on CW only. The receiver is a Hallicrafters S40B. (See more on the 50 year Anniversary page.)
Henry AmpBefore the present day shack, I had a Henry 4K Ultra. 1500 watts output on low power really brought in the DX. I had a lot of fun with this amplifier, but it was very hard to tune. The mechanical bicycle chain did not operate smooth enough to suite me. I worked and worked on it until finally I put the amp on EBAY. To my suprise, Joe Walsh of Hollywood purchased the amp from me.
ConsoleBuilding the new console was rewarding. I designed the layout around my friends shack W7UVH, who in 1958 built one like this. I have been around many radio dispatch consoles in my life, so it was easy to come up with the conceptual ideas. All of the measurements where based on the radio equipment at the time. If I were to build another, I would add another tier for more equipment.