My Shack



I was licensed when I was 13 years old in 1954 as Wn7YCN, upgraded to general class in 1955, then went QRT in 1959 when I left for college and did not get back on the air until I retired in the 1990's. I returned to the air as AA7RU but quickly applied to get my old call back. I never quite got over those beautiful radios of the '50s and '60s with their real meters, big knobs, and TUBES! So my major interest these days is operating CW and AM with my "boatanchor" station which consists of a 75A-4 and Johnson Ranger as the main rigs.

I have installed a three element Cushcraft A3 beam that works great on 20-15-10 Meters
Pats BeamInstalling the beam with the help from W7YTZ
OldShack W7YTZThis is the shack in 1955. My old SX-42 was a great receiver at the time and thats a Harvey Wells Bandmaster.