Model Airplanes


A hobby I have pursued for years has been Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. Over the years I have built many RC airplanes and all attempts to teach myself to fly them, resulted in crash after crash. My last attempt in 2004 resulted in joining a club, but getting an instructer there when I wanted to fly proved very difficult.


In June of 2010 I finally purchased a "Great Planes" flight simulator and after some 50 plus hours of practice, I finally achieved my goal of flight. The very first flight had to be aborted by a club member instructor, operating on the "Buddy Box". He took over the flight, landed and weights had to be added to the nose of the airplane to get the CG right. The very next flight, I was able to handle the airplane without any assistance. I finished the day with three flighta all without assistance. Had it not been for the simulator, I would still be struggling.

Not the best picture, but this is a snap shot of the computer screen and the simulator control box, exactly like a Futaba transmitter.

The airplane below is an Electric Powered SuperStar EP and I checked the speed with a hand held RADAR and it cruises at 40 MPH at 3/4 throttle. These electric planes are much simpler than the old days of gas powered.

The SuperStar has a 48.5" wingspan and weighs about 3 Lbs with battery. Its called an "ARF" ( Almost Ready To Fly). When purchased you just assemble the wing to the fusalage, install the motor, and your ready to go. This model has been upgraded to a larger motor and a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery. I have also added ailerons. Hobbico sells the wing as an addition after you have mastered the elevator/ rudder only flying.



" The Superstar"
Wingspan-48.5", WT-2.7Lbs, Prop-9x6
Motor-MonsterPower 10/ 1100Kv
Battery: 3 Cell Lipo/4000MAH-20C
Speed: Cruises about 55 MPH


T-34 Mentor.

Wingspan: 55"
Length: 44"
Weight: 5.5 Lbs
Speed: 75 MPH ( Measured 9-3-2010 on RADAR)

This airplane comes in a box and only major pieces need assembly. The wings, fusalage, etc are already covered. The canopy is held in place by magnets and is easily removed to access the battery. This plane is very maneuverable and a kick to fly.

Collection 1

A collection of five of my airplanes.
Top Left to Bottom Right: Space Walker, T-34, Super Cub, PT-19, Eagle II

T34 Mentor on final approach at 30 MPH

Carl Sandborgs Eagle II - Under construction

The wing cover is almost done

The Eagle is finished
February 1, 2011

Eagle II


Just completed Jan 2012 - Fokker VIII
36" Wingspan, Weight- 26 oz
Motor: Rim Fire 28-30 1450 Kv / 3 cell Lipo Battery Pack