Licensed since 1953


I started as Wn7UVH in 1953 as a novice. I was KL7YM for a few years in the 1980's in Fairbanks, Alaska. I returned to my old call under the Vanity Call program. Mostly active in VHF,UHF and 927 Mhz repeaters. My first repeater was in 1957 and operated on 53.29 mhz. at Capital Peak near Olympia.


This picture was during the June 1957 field day near Olympia, Washington. I purchased one of the first National NC-300 and complimented it with the B&W5100 Transmitter. I am using a Turner 80X microphone.

Gene was one of the most influential persons in my electronic career. With his help when I was a teenager in the Amateur Radio Club of Olympia (ARCO), my interest in electronics blossomed at a young age. Gene was also a mentor for all of the other young people in the radio club. He was always helping with a variety of ham activities and teaching us all the tricks of the trade. Over the years Gene and I have been in contact. We enjoy lunch routinely with other hams here in Olympia.

2012- Sadly, Gene passed away this year after a battle with cancer. I understand his Grandson now has Gene's call sign.