August 20, 21, & 22

Pekin Landing - Woodland, Washington



This is Pekin Landing near Woodland, Washington, on the Lewis River. It is a great place to hold a rally due to the easy river access and the campground that will accommodate many RV's, tents, and Hovercraft trailers. We had four flying Hovercraft and had a great time.
This Alaska built Hovercraft did not get a chance to fly because of mechanical issues.
Pat, Rick, and myself went up the Lewis River to LaCenter, Washington. The water was perfect.
This is accross from St Helens, Oregon. We tried to find a place to go ashore and visit the town, but we did not spend enough time exploring.
The four Hovercraft traveled up the North fork of the Lewis River toward Merwin Dam. We stopped here just before a patch of white water.
This is Merwin Dam.
The weather was perfect
Jeff going down stream.