KD7VJQ - Charlotte


KD7VJQ_shackI married Richard in 2000 and became interested in Ham radio for a second time in my life. I first obtained a Novice (WL7) call in Alaska in 1961. Then in 2003 I passed the General exam and have been active on the HF bands as well as the local repeaters in Olympia. Richard and I enjoy attending swap meets, working DX, and traveling. We have VHF/UHF in all our vehicles and appreciate being able to communicate when we are running errands. In 2006 we drove to the Dayton Ham convention. Along the way, we used an ICOM 706 on 20 meters. It was fun talking with other hams who were also mobiling to Dayton.

Since getting my General license, I have obtained the following awards:


I enjoy working with all of the QSL cards we have received and cataloging them is a bit challenging. We use an electronic logging program by Data-Matrix called "ProLog". It works very well and really does a good job of tracking QSO's.

Charlotte passed away May 23, 2014 after a long battle with lung cancer. She loved life and lived it to the fullest.