First Flight Pictures


HC TrailerI remodeled a utility trailer which I'd had for some time and built a 8'x16' sloping deck to facilitate the loading and unloading of the Hovercraft. Two pieces of 1/2" plywood hook onto the back of the deck and make a ramp. After wearing out my arm muscles, I added an electric winch which made pulling it onto the deck much easier. It seems as though you could fly it on, but it has a tendency to travel left or right without side boards.
HC YardThis is the first flight out of the shop of the completed project. Our weather had been super dry and the dust was real bad. After flying around the field (which I had just mowed), I had grass and dirt everywhere. The engine ran perfectly and even with all the dust, there was no negative effect on the engine. In this picture the plastic mesh was not on the prop guard yet.

Below are a series of pictures taken on the first water flights at Hicks Lake

Unloading HC Hicks Lake
Hicks Lake2 Passengers
Me HC Me HC2